Use this endpoint to create a new Code in the current context.


Accepts a standard Code object with no read-only values specified. If codeType is not specified, the default SourceCode value is assumed. Note that codeType must be a valid Code Type available for your API key, as determined by GET /codeTypes.

In this example, we’re creating a Code called AFL-CIO which is a child of parentCodeId 20515 and applicable to Events and Locations.

POST /codes

  "parentCodeId": 20515,
  "name": "AFL-CIO",
  "codeType": "Tag",
  "supportedEntities": [
      "name": "Events",
      "isSearchable": true,
      "isApplicable": true
      "name": "Locations",
      "isSearchable": true,
      "isApplicable": true


If successful, the endpoint responds with HTTP Status Code 201 Created.
It is not possible to provide a supportedEntities list for Tags which includes Entities that are not included in the GET /codes/supportedEntities response. For Source Codes, the supportedEntities list is ignored, because the list of supported entities is fixed for all Source Codes.

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