Deprecated `preferredPronouns`

The preferredPronouns property on People and Reported Demographics /pronouns endpoints has been deprecated and replaced with pronouns.


Added support for diacritics in names and ability to edit names

You can now edit a person's name via the /people/{vanId}/names and /bulkImportJobs endpoints, including in the voter file. "Source File" name properties have been added to the Person model, and First, Middle, and Last Name lengths have been updated to accommodate longer names and unicode characters. Additionally, in order to support diacritical characters in names across the broadest array of readers and platforms, any endpoints that produce an output file will now be in UTF-8 BOM encoding.


Added ability to merge duplicate contacts

You can now use the API to merge duplicate contact records via /people/{vanId}/mergeInto.


Added Value Score Loading

File-Loading Jobs to load Scores may now update Value Scores. See Scores and /fileLoadingJobs for information on usage.


Added Designations endpoint

You can now retrieve the details of a Designation using the new /designations/{designationId} endpoint.


Added support for Job Title to v4/people endpoints

You can now add a jobTitle to a person via /people/findOrCreate and retrieve it via /people/{vanId} by specifying preferences in the $expand parameter. See Common Models for more details.


Added GET v4/people Endpoint

We've added a Quick Look Up-style endpoint for finding multiple contacts at /people. This allows you to find people (or organizations, if Organizations-as-Contacts is enabled) based on several search criteria including name, email, phone, etc.


Updated ActionTag gender query string options

56 • Not Listed
57 • Third Gender
58 • Cisgender Male
59 • Cisgender Female

Phone Number is now Required for certain Canvass Responses

The /people/{vanId}/canvassResponses (or /people/{personIdType}:{personId}/canvassResponses ) endpoint will now require when canvassContext.inputTypeId is 1 (Phone) or 37 (SMS).


Updated ActionTag ethnicity and preferred language query string options

For ethnicities, the follow options were added and removed