Added Designations endpoint

You can now retrieve the details of a Designation using the new /designations/{designationId} endpoint.


Added support for Job Title to v4/people endpoints

You can now add a jobTitle to a person via /people/findOrCreate and retrieve it via /people/{vanId} by specifying preferences in the $expand parameter. See Common Models for more details.


Added GET v4/people Endpoint

We've added a Quick Look Up-style endpoint for finding multiple contacts at /people. This allows you to find people (or organizations, if Organizations-as-Contacts is enabled) based on several search criteria including name, email, phone, etc.


Updated ActionTag gender query string options

56 • Not Listed
57 • Third Gender
58 • Cisgender Male
59 • Cisgender Female

Phone Number is now Required for certain Canvass Responses

The /people/{vanId}/canvassResponses (or /people/{personIdType}:{personId}/canvassResponses ) endpoint will now require when canvassContext.inputTypeId is 1 (Phone) or 37 (SMS).


Updated ActionTag ethnicity and preferred language query string options

For ethnicities, the follow options were added and removed


Updated ActionTag race and sexual orientation query string options

Added the following ActionTag race query string options:
25 • Not Listed
26 • Asian or Asian American
27 • White
Removed the following ActionTag race query string options:
1 • Asian
3 • Caucasian or White
Added the following ActionTag sexual orientation query string options:
25 • Not Listed


Added ability to Apply Activist Codes without creating Contact History

The /people/{vanId}/canvassResponses (or /people/{personIdType}:{personId}/canvassResponses ) endpoint is your go-to for applying Activist Codes to people. You can now use this endpoint to assign an Activist Code without creating a corresponding Contact History record by setting omitActivistCodeContactHistory on the optional canvassContext property to true. This will work as long as all responses in the response array are of type ActivistCode.


Added support for Disbursement Custom Fields

Added support for Disbursements at Custom Fields.


Fixed pagination for GET v4/savedLists

The Saved Lists endpoint accepts pagination parameters, but until now was not respecting them and would only return the first page of randomly-ordered results. This has been fixed, and the endpoint now respects both the $top and $skip parameters and orders by the savedListId property, allowing retrieving all Saved Lists.