A Canvass Response encapsulates a complete interaction with a person: it may have a Result Code (if the person was unavailable) or it may have an array of responses such as Activist Codes, Survey Questions, and other Script elements. Optionally, additional information about the canvass interaction can be specified using the canvassContext property such as the date of the contact attempt (dateCanvassed) or the Contact Type (contactTypeId). Use this endpoint to record these interactions.

Record Canvass Response with Phone Number
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Modify a Canvass Response to Update SMS Opt-In Status
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Applying Activist Codes?

If you're applying an Activist Code to a Person outside of the context of a "canvass," consider setting canvassContext.omitActivistCodeContactHistory to true. This will keep a Contact History record from being generated (assuming you are applying only Activist Codes).

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