A Changed Entity Export Job is a process that provides bulk data to API consumers about entities that have changed in the last 90 days. Each successful job results in the creation of one or several .csv files that may be downloaded before their expiration dates (download links expire after 20 days).

Developers might first catalog the available ResourceTypes as well as the available Fields and Change Types for each type.

Once a framework is established, API users first create a job with a POST /changedEntityExportJobs request containing the job parameters, and then make additional requests to GET /changedEntityExportJobs/{exportJobId} for the status and content of the job.

Currently supported entities include the following. Custom fields are available on the Contacts and Contributions resources. Please contact [email protected] to discuss your use case and request appropriate permissions.

  • ActivistCodes
  • ContactHistory
  • Contacts
  • ContactsActivistCodes
  • ContactsOnlineForms
  • ContactsSurveyResponses
  • ContributionAdjustments
  • Contributions
  • EventTicketTransactionsGuests
  • RecurringContributions