Common Models

The following is an example of a Online Action Form:

  "formTrackingId": "j_STKe8rYxkEVvg2",
  "formName": "My Event Form",
  "formType": "EventSignupForm",
  "formTypeId": 11,
  "dateCreated": "2019-12-09T00:09:00Z",
  "createdByEmail": "[email protected]",
  "dateModified": "2019-12-11T03:47:00Z",
  "modifiedByEmail": "[email protected]",
  "isActive": true,
  "designation": {
    "designationId": 123456789,
    "name": "Jane for Congress Committee"
  "confirmationEmailData": {
    "fromEmail": "[email protected]",
    "fromName": "Jim",
    "fromSubject": "Thank you for signing up",
    "replyToEmail": "[email protected]",
    "copyToEmails": [
      "[email protected]",
      "[email protected]",
      "[email protected]"
    "isConfirmationEmailEnabled": true,
    "isRecurringEmailEnabled": true
  "activistCodes": [
  "eventId": 123456,
  "codeId": null,
  "campaignId": 7777,
  "isConfirmedOptInEnabled": false

Online Actions Form

Each Online Actions Form has the following properties:

formTrackingIdstringUnique identifer for specific forms
formNamestringThe Display Name for the form
formTypestringThe name for the form type
formTypeIdintThe ID for the form type
dateCreateddateThe date the form was created
createdByEmailstringThe email address of the user who created the form
dateModifieddateThe date the form was last modified, may return null
modifiedByEmailstringThe email address of the user who last modified the form, may return null
isActiveboolIf the form is active or not
designationobjectA Designation object if the form accepts payments
confirmationEmailDataobjectAn object containing confirmation email data
eventIdintThe ID for an Event, if there is an event associated with the form. Otherwise it returns null.
codeIdintThe ID of the Code, if one is attached to the form. Otherwise it returns null.
activistCodesarrayAn array of Activist Code IDs. May return null
campaignIdintThe ID of a campaign if one is applied otherwise it returns null
isConfirmedOptInEnabledboolIf Confirmed Opt In is enabled or not

Confirmation Email Data

All Confirmation Email Data is optional. If confirmation email information was added to the form that data will be returned.

fromEmailstringThe email address where the confirmation email comes from. Otherwise it returns null.
fromNamestringThe name of the person the confirmation email comes from. Otherwise it returns null.
fromSubjectstringThe subject the confirmation email was sent with. Otherwise it returns null.
replyToEmailstringThe ‘reply to’ email address for the confirmation email. Otherwise it returns null.
copyToEmailsarrayAn array of ‘copy to’ email addresses
isConfirmationEmailEnabledboolA flag for if the confirmation email is enabled
isRecurringEmailEnabledboolA flag for if recurring email is enabled