Retrieve a collection of the complete list of values that can be applied to a given column in a field during a bulk import

Some fields have a predefined list of possible values which can be applied during a bulk import, corresponding, for example, to a drop-down list or a checkbox. This endpoint returns an ID and name property for each value that is allowed as an input. When preparing input data, input values should take the form of the ID of the value rather than the name to avoid potential collisions. However, if available value names are unique, names will be accepted as input values.

Each item in the response object has the following properties:

namestringThe human-friendly label for the predefined value
idstringThe unique identifier for the predefined value
parentsarrayAn array of other fields’ values which must be mapped before this value can be used for this field

The parents array lists one or more prerequisites for this field to be mapped.

parentFieldNamestringThe name of a field which must be mapped in order for the child mapping to be created
allowedParentValuesarrayThe collection of legal values for the parent field which are prerequisite for the child mapping to be created

The allowedParentValues array is a collection of the limited set of legal values which are required for the parent field.

namestringThe name of the permitted value
idstringThe unique identifier of the permitted value
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