Common models

The following is an example of a Location called Campaign HQ.

  "locationId": 272,
  "name": "Campaign HQ",
  "displayName": "Campaign HQ, 48 Grove St Somerville, MA 02144-2500",
  "address": {
    "addressLine1": "48 Grove St",
    "addressLine2": null,
    "addressLine3": null,
    "city": "Somerville",
    "stateOrProvince": "MA",
    "zipOrPostalCode": "02144",
    "geoLocation": {
      "lon": -71.120121,
      "lat": 42.396363
    "countryCode": "US",
    "preview": "48 Grove St \r\nSomerville, MA 02144-2500"


locationIdintRead-only; Unique identifier for a Location in this context
namestringA name for this Location, no longer than 50 characters
displayNamestringRead-only; A display name for this Location that is the combination of the name and address.preview properties
addressobjectOptional; an Address object for this Location


addressLine1stringOptional; First line of a Street Address
addressLine2stringOptional; Second line of a Street Address
addressLine3stringOptional; Third line of a Street Address
citystringOptional; City or Town
stateOrProvincestringOptional; Two or three character State or Province code (e.g., MN, ON, NSW, etc.)
zipOrPostalCodestringOptional; ZIP, ZIP+4, Postal Code, Post code, etc.
geoLocationobjectOptional and Read-only; a Geographic Coordinate object for this Address (VAN will attempt to populate this for you)
countryCodestringOptional; A two character ISO country code that is supported by your VAN context (e.g., US)
previewstringRead-only; A multiple line preview of this Address which may contain Windows line breaks (\r\n)

Geographic Coordinate

lonfloatRequired; the longitude of this Coordinate that is between -180 and 180 (inclusive)
latfloatRequired; the latitude of this Coordinate that is between -90 and 90 (inclusive)