Common Models

The following is an example of a Campaign and associated Content.

    "campaignId": 7919,
    "name": "Increase the Minimum Wage",
    "campaignType": {
        "campaignTypeId": 1312,
        "name": "Advocacy"
    "campaignDisplayName": "Advocacy: Increase the Minimum Wage",
    "status": "Active",
    "contents": [
            "contentId": 5328,
            "contentType": {
                "contentTypeId": 1861,
                "name": "Literature"
            "name": "Pro Minimum Wage",
            "shortName": "Pro Wage",
            "displayName": "Literature: Pro Minimum Wage",
            "description": "This is a lit piece encouraging minimum wage increases",
            "disposition": "Positive"
            "contentId": 5329,
            "contentType": {
                "contentTypeId": 1861,
                "name": "Literature"
            "name": "Anti Minimum Wage",
            "shortName": "Anti Wage",
            "displayName": "Literature: Anti Minimum Wage",
            "description": null,
            "disposition": "Negative"


Each Campaign can have the following properties:

campaignIdintRead-only; Unique identifier for a Campaign in this context
namestringName of the Campaign
campaignTypeobjectType of Campaign
campaignDisplayNamestringThe name of the Campaign combined with the Campaign Type
statusstringOne of Active, Archived, or Inactive
contentsarrayArray of Contents

Campaign Type

campaignTypeIdintRead-only; unique identifier for a Campaign Type in this context
namestringName of the Campaign Type


Contents represent distinct messages delivered as part of a campaign. For example, you may have a Content for each direct mail piece you send.

contentIdintRead-only; unique identifier for a Content in this context
contentTypeobjectContent Type of this Content
namestringName of this Content
shortNamestringA shorter name for this Content
displayNamestringThe name of the Content combined with the Content Type
descriptionstringDescription of this content
dispositionstringOne of Positive or Negative; this indicates whether this particular Content makes a positive or negative argument

Content Type

contentTypeIdintRead-only; unique identifier for a Content Type in this context
namestringName of this Content Type