Remove list attributes

The Employer and Occupation fields in ActionTag forms offer a datalist to the browser for easier autocomplete of the most commonly used values across our platform. In some cases, this autocomplete is not desired, so to remove it, you'll want to use the postRender callback with a script like this:

var noDatalist = function(args) {
  var employer = document.querySelector('.at.ngp-form label.Employer input'); //find the employer input
  employer.removeAttribute('list'); // remove the "list" attribute from the Employer input element
	var empDatalist = document.querySelector('.at.ngp-form datalist#at-employers')  // find the employer datalist
	empDatalist.parentNode.removeChild(empDatalist); //remove the employer datalist
  var occupation = document.querySelector('.at.ngp-form label.Occupation input'); //find the occupation input
  occupation.removeAttribute('list'); // remove the "list" attribute from the occupation input element
	var occDatalist = document.querySelector('.at.ngp-form datalist#at-occupations')  // find the occupation datalist
	occDatalist.parentNode.removeChild(occDatalist); //remove the occupation datalist
  return args;