Common Models

The following is an example of a Story:

  "storyId": 123,
  "title": "Jane Eyre",
  "storyText": "There was no possibility of taking a walk that day.",
  "storyStatus": {
    "storyStatusId": 1,
    "statusName": "Submitted"
  "vanId": 1000000000,
  "tags": [
      "codeId": 123,
      "codeName": "Book"
  "campaignId": 123456


Each Story has the following properties:

storyIdintUnique identifier for a Story in this context
titlestringThe title of the story
storyTextstringThe story content
storyStatusobjectThe status of the story
vanIdstringThe MyCampaignID of the MyCampaign contact record the story belongs to
tagsarrayOptional; an array of zero or more Tags to apply to the Story
campaignIdintOptional; unique identifier for a Campaign associated with the story in the system

Story Status

Each Story Status has the following properties

storyStatusIdintUnique identifier for the status of a Story
statusNamestringA name given to the status